Westore has been selected as a regional finalist in the “best newcomer” category of the Global Startup Awards Africa 2023.

The Startup Awards aims to recognize Africa’s leading innovators with SDG-aligned solutions that strive to Power and Light Up Africa; Feed Africa; Industrialise Africa; Integrate Africa; and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

Westore is Africa’s first full-stack energy storage provider offering proprietary energy storage products tailored to commercial, industrial, agricultural and mini-grid solar storage applications at the lowest upfront and lifetime costs that aims to break the high-cost barrier for energy storage systems and accelerate the use of solar plus storage systems through hybrid battery and thermal storage technologies.

Energy storage is a key to unlocking universal energy access as the world transitions to intermittent renewable energy sources, but still has major cost barriers for mass deployment. This is exactly where Westore delivers innovative energy storage technologies and products to address these cost barriers.

Our offering is aligned with SDG deliverables, not only delivering competitive energy storage products for use in solar generation storage and mini-grid applications, but that considers the end-of-life dilemma posed by competing technologies. The Westore advanced Lead-Acid solution, boasting best-in-class cycle life of 2750 cycles to 80% depth is also 99% recyclable, creating an end-of-life value and recycling incentive.

Energy industry experts in Africa are urged to vote for Westore to help us accelerate African technology for use in Africa. Please vote: http://shorturl.at/px579