Westore has been selected to pitch at the very first Africa’s Green Economy Summit (AGES) to be hosted in Cape Town between the 22nd and 24th of February 2023 in support of our funding and investment drive to bring our energy storage products to market.

The AGES event theme in 2023 is “Driving the Green economy investment strategy” and aims to connect funders with investable green projects from Africa with a focus on Renewable energy, e-mobility, infrastructure & manufacturing.

Westore is Africa’s first full-stack energy storage provider offering proprietary energy storage products tailored to commercial, industrial, agricultural and mini-grid solar storage applications at the lowest upfront and lifetime costs that aims to break the high-cost barrier for energy storage systems and accelerate the use of solar plus storage systems through hybrid battery and thermal storage technologies.

In supporting a just transition for the South African energy sector, energy storage is a key enabler of deep decarbonization by extending the relevance of renewable energy generation and supporting the transition of transport, mining, industry, and manufacturing to more sustainable energy sources.

More details on our participation in the AGES can be found here: