The Why?

Westore was born out of a dire state of energy supply in South Africa, with the worst loadshedding experienced in the year 2022 thus far. 

As loadshedding gripped a nation and global supply remained constrained it became evident that energy storage was just to expensive for most customers.


Energy Storage is not affordable on an upfront cash basis and lacks innovative funding that allows for mass adoption of energy storage assets and limits the amount of intermittent renewable generation that can practically be deployed. 


Technology propelled, asset smart business model that allows for innovative finance solutions that makes storage affordable for mass adoption, while generating real returns for participating funders. 

About Westore

A South African founded, Cape Town based,  global energy storage leasing platform where anyone can buy energy storage capacity assets through a crowdsale and generate income from the storage asset that is contracted on long-term to end-users.

We are a team of dedicated technology developers and tech entrepreneurs that have spent a combined 50-years in energy and energy storage technology development. 

We believe that energy storage can truly unlock renewable energy generation and serves as a critical link in a just energy transition, especially in Africa where energy storage assets can accelerate energy by supporting the uptake of renewables. 

Westore is exactly the intention. We need to store to enable.

We have built a global partnership with strategic suppliers of key components over the course of our history, which has resulted in access to exclusive technology options that supports our business model and allows us to provide energy storage solutions and assets that cannot be readily matched by other market players. 

Using this unique positioning, our technology propelled approach enables unparalleled returns where energy storage assets are involved, which returns we are making available to our crowdsale participants.